Sensual lingerie plays a huge role in sexual stimulation and during intercourse itself. The first sense that receives sexual signals is usually sight, which is why choosing the right underwear is extremely important. It is to please the eye and at the same time stimulate sexual interaction.

Another sense that will convey stimulating sexual stimuli to the brain is the sense of touch. Tilting underwear, tightening on breasts or perineum, enhancing reproductive organs with it is exciting for a wide range of people who love sex, so it's worth a try. While playing together, you can use underwear as a restraining tool, you can tear it off in a fit of sexual excitement, or simply enjoy the body with it.

Some love to smell their partner's juice soaked underwear.

In our offer you will find:

Boa - Sensual feather shawls, perfect for all kinds of erotic games, used in the right way can ignite and excite sexual flame.

Body - The so-called second body, it can emphasize breasts and completely expose them, emphasize the hips and arouse order.

Bodystocking - a special stocking body, with shell holes and more, delicate and easy to tear.

Corsets - tied or with buckles, allowing to emphasize the waist, also in leather or vinyl, perfectly suited to naughty players.

Stockings - we have a wide range of stockings in different sizes, for everyone

A wide selection of t-shirts, panties, blouses, dresses will satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs of erotic fashion. Garter belts, body decorations, tunics and wigs - you'll find it all here.

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